10 Things I Never Travel Without for a Happy Flight

It’s hard to avoid getting on a flight if you want to travel and see the world.  It’s not always a pleasant experience…. but through my own previous travels, I’ve learned to keep these items with me. They do make a difference in how refreshed I am when I land….even if it’s a red-eye flight with connection like I typically do when I travel to the Caribbean.

  1. Moisturizers… lip balm, body lotion, eye drops…  everything to keep myself hydrated..
  2. Reusable Water Bottle… Hydration is Key when traveling on flights. It reduces jet-lag, and keeps your immune system up.  I bring an empty bottle before I go through TSA security lines.. and I always refill after security at “hydration stations” that are getting installed at many major airports.  Plus, allows me to stay green during my trip with my own reusable water bottle.
  3. Ear plugs… I use the air pressure reduction earplugs…and find them helpful with noise reduction as well
  4. Wet Wipes… Not that I’m such a germ-phobic, but those tray tables and arm rests are certainly not the cleanest thing. Last thing I need is to get sick while I’m on vacation!
  5. Maskseye mask and disposable medical face mask. I will never forget one time sitting next to another traveler suffering from a cold who couldn’t stop sneezing, and of course, he didn’t have a mask. So, to protect myself and others, I always bring a mask.
  6. Snacks…I always pack some of my favorite snacks that I can indulge in while reading or watching an in-flight movie. They seem to make any flight a little more enjoyable.
  7. Entertainment…I bring some magazines that I’ve been wanting to read and don’t need to bring back home.
  8. Headphones…noise canceling headphones work wonders when sleeping, when I want to concentrate on reading or listening to soothing music. They also provide better sound for the in-flight movies.
  9. USB Cable and Back Up Battery Charger..to make sure my devices are ready to use when I land.
  10. An extra layer...a scarf, pashmina, or a jacket. I like a window seat which are often chilly at high altitude. Having that small item to help keep the chill off, especially at night, is a comfort.

Do we share similar tips?  Please do let me know what I’m missing out on!  Happy travels to all! 

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