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About Bravo Travel

Experts in family and multi-generational travel since 2001, we know that your truly unforgettable vacation starts with meaningful moments and authentic experiences. This is why we make your beach vacation planning effortless, from resort to restaurants and activities to those extra touches. You can choose from alluring destinations that include Hawaii, Mexico, Caribbean, Belize, Costa Rica, Tahiti, Fiji, Australia, Greece, Thailand, and beyond.

Allow us to take care of everything for you.

We’re your trusted booking agent, planner and guide all rolled into one. We do all the hard work, so all you have to do is look forward to creating incredible memories with your family, while discovering mesmerizing sights, exhilarating experiences and just enjoying much needed time out together.

About Debby Leong

Hi, I’m Debby,

founder of Bravo Travel

I’m passionate about crafting extraordinary escapes that not only allow families to experience beautiful beach destinations, but more importantly, reconnect and bond together. It’s my mission to remove all the stress from vacation planning, so you can truly disconnect and surrender to the magic of your dream getaway. Anticipating and counting the days to your next vacation will bring a smile to you every day.

Leveraging over 25 years’ experience in travel, I’m an expert in curating and organizing amazing travel itineraries. I hold many industry certifications and regularly attend trainings, conferences and visit the destinations to stay updated on the latest travel offers. I seek out industry connections and partnerships to help me design and deliver spectacular vacations that you can’t find on Google.

I’ve traveled every year with my children since they were three. From beach vacations and cruises to visiting iconic monuments around the world, I’ve loved expanding their horizons and connecting them to local people and cultures through travel.

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an image of the sky with the quote" We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us"-anonymous

We live in a fast-paced world. Slow down. Take that vacation. Disconnect from devices and everyday demands. Reconnect with the ones who matters most. Experience new places and activities together. Fall in love again. Cherish each other. Play. Have fun.  Or just be! My goal is that your family will return feeling restored and nurtured by the stronger relationships you create while on vacation.

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Meet Elana Solon

Travel Advisor for Custom Tailored Vacations

I inherited a taste for travel and adventure from my mom at a very young age. We spent a year abroad when I was 5 years old so she could pursue her studies, and being an American kindergartener at a French school in Montpellier completely changed my life! I learned the value of being multilingual and came to appreciate exploring new landscapes, cultures and cuisines as if they were in my own backyard, my own neighborhood and family. Later on, after choosing Linguistics as my course of study in college and graduate school, I took the opportunity to live in Japan and travel throughout Asia and Eastern Europe. To date, I have visited 20 countries and still hope to visit many more.
photo of Elana Solon travel advisor at Bravo Travel Services LLC
My travel tastes are diverse, and they don't exclude these beautiful United States! We are fortunate to have some of the most beautiful National Parks and some of the most vibrant, world-class cities. I also love a good road trip, hike and camping excursion, and I have driven cross-country 7 times. Finding those hidden gems, holes in the wall, or off-the-beaten path must-sees is such a wonderful feeling and makes for the best memories. Such places are becoming harder and harder to find in these days of social media and geotagging, but if "off the grid" and "under the radar" are your cup of tea, I will make that happen for you. 
I also specialize in corporate group travel, whether you and your organization need to book a business trip or corporate retreat. Or perhaps you want to extend that business trip into a leisure getaway -- I can help with that, too!
Looking for a reason to get away? Stop looking and just book it! You are the reason. Expand your horizons, make those memories, meet new people, form long-lasting bonds, and prioritize yourself for once. Then do it all over again. I dare you!