A Few Newer Activities in the Hawaiian Islands for your next vacation

Hawaii is a popular destination.  Everyone seems to fall in love and go back again and again.  You probably have done the usual luau, snorkeling trip, sunset cruise already.  Here are some newer tours in Hawaii that you might not have done and can try. Kauai:  Mountain Tubing Adventure.  The hiking and the helicopter tours […]

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Is Cuba on your list?

Now that US travel sanctions to Cuba have been lifted, Cuba is considered the most popular fast changing destination to visit.   Fast changing in the sense of rapid globalization.  Already, the major hotel chains like Sheraton and Hilton are making plans to build.  Very likely, franchises like Starbucks and McDonalds will be making their presence.  […]

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Debby’s Top 7 Packing Tips

1. Keep Details Safe and Accessible Scan your passport and photo ID. Email yourself the copy on a web based email account so you can have access to it when you are traveling. Take out your wallet and take inventory of which credit cards or ATM cards you are taking on the trip with you.  […]

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Are there really any last minute deals out there?

There are many reasons why people delay travel planning.  Maybe they just don’t have the time to plan.  Or work schedules do not allow for too advanced planning of vacation time.  Or your children’s activities schedule have not finalized. Whatever the reason, I hope it is not because you have this misconception that there will […]

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