Great ways to see our US National Parks for your next family vacation

Family hiking in Yellowstone National Park

I know many of us enjoy traveling overseas to foreign countries and experience different cultures and local customs.  We get excited visiting iconic sites and creating lifetime memories. But we often forget to take advantage of visiting our own national parks in the US.  Without a passport or long haul flight, it is easy to do and can provide a great family vacation.   Let me show you how to elevate your experience though.  Forget packing your family into the car and do a road trip.  Drop the DIY vacation.  Instead, use a tour operator.  Join a guided tour.  Preferably one that is small group of no more than 12 guests, or better yet, one just for your family, or maybe your own multi-generational family group.  Or another family or friends you enjoy traveling with.  Form your own exclusive tour.

Let me share a few benefits of joining a small group or private guided tour:

1. They can do it better.
You can do all the driving, plan out the lodging, figure out where to eat or what to see or where to hike. But imagine having someone do it all FOR YOU.  And not just anyone, but someone who has experience leading tours every day and know the ins and outs. They're the experts of the destination you're visiting. They can take care of all the details so you can truly      have a vacation.  Doesn’t that feel good???

family hiking in Yellowstone National Park
family hiking in Yellowstone National Park, pc: Austin Adventures

2. The Guides
Guides from great tour companies are passionate about sharing their knowledge and ensuring you have a trip of a lifetime.  They keep the trip fun. They can share about the history of the parks and knowledge of the wildlife and plants you came across. And they can also tell you the best restaurants in town.  More importantly, they show you the best way to see the parks and sites given the limited vacation time you have.  They know the best hikes and bike rides, the best spot for your pictures for the Instagram post, the hidden gems.

3. Connections
In these times of traveling during a pandemic, you want to travel with guidance.  A tour operator who has the behind the scenes access to information or partnerships with a hotel or a sought after activity provider.  Or even insider connections with National Park Service.  Let someone take care of the details so you can enjoy the moment and be present. Someone who takes care of the safety protocols and provide a stress free experience.

Maybe this is something you can consider for next summer vacation. It’s great for our mental and physical health to spend time outdoors.  Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Grand Canyon, Glacier, Bryce/Zion, what’s your pick?  I have partnerships with some great tour operators. I work with the best and I know you can trust.   Some of these small group scheduled tours are very popular and already beginning to get booked up for 2021.  I can design custom itineraries. RV guided tours.  Or I can set up a luxury home stay with guided activities for you based on your wish and interests.  I know you miss traveling.  I hope I can send you on another adventure soon.  Reach out if you want to get started with planning.

Private Home and Villa Rentals for your next Family Vacation

Mexico Villa Rental

a family gathering over the holidays

I know many of us are really getting tired of the same view at home, plus, we long to spend time with our extended families.  Grandparents want to see their grand-kids.  Cousins want to hang out. Siblings want to wine and dine and catch up in person vs. over Zoom or Facetime.  What if you can do that?
Plus, how are we going to handle the Turkey and all the holiday trimmings for our festive holiday meals?
Perhaps you can consider having a small get together of maybe 12 or less family members over the holidays at a large home rental that can fit everyone.  I recommend prior to the gathering, everyone try to be extra careful with hygiene and social distancing for 2 weeks.  You can even get Covid tested first before the gathering to give yourself more peace of mind.

I don’t arrange Air B&B or VRBO rentals for my clients.  It’s mostly because there is just no way I can guarantee the quality and service of each rental.  If something has to go through me, they have to be vetted and secured and that I know you will have access to a great customer service team should any unexpected issues arise.  I’ve been partnering with multiple villa rentals service providers over the years.  I have a large inventory and access to many home rentals throughout the world.  Most only work through travel advisors and not direct with consumers.  These companies have strict policies that they make each homeowners abide by, before they let them join the rental program.  Even before Covid, the cleaning standards are high, and now each has agreed to even more to keep guests safe.

10 Reasons to consider a private home & villa stay:

  1. It’s just you and your family, not thousands of strangers.
  2. Large portfolio of vetted, inspected, guaranteed and managed properties to choose from.
    ( 2 bedrooms to 12 bedrooms; amenities like private pools, gym, arcade, home theatre)
  3. Many villas feature impeccable landscaping and views, outdoor spaces, interior design and furnishings, and more.
  4. Each home is cleaned and staffed by professionals and maintenance team.
  5. Some homes come with Your Own Villa Concierge who is committed to providing around-the-clock personalized services.
  6. Explore the local attractions, national parks, best beaches, and more. We can arrange everything you need to craft a truly unique experience designed around your wants and wishes.
  7. Arrange your own cooking classes, pizza party, wine tasting, private chefs, even yoga classes in your villa!
  8. We can stock the villas with groceries pre-arrival, and provide on site staff like chefs, nanny, head housekeeper, driver and gardeners.
  9. Security: many villas are in gated communities and also some has night watchman
  10. A unique way to celebrate with your family and make memories that last.


Ideas for your next villa.

United States:

There’s no need to travel far for the getaway of your dreams! We have coastal and mountain homes with amazing views and hiking trails throughout California, fun themed homes in Florida, and mountain retreats in Colorado and Utah for your next ski trip.  And of course, now that Hawaii is lifting quarantine with a negative Covid-test starting Oct 15, it’s always a good idea too!   I can find the perfect villa for you. A one-of-a-kind getaway may only be a short flight (or drive) away.


The easiest international destination to travel to currently.  No testing required. And only a short flight from US airports, with consistent reliable flight schedules.  You can land and be transported straight to your villa for your week long stay.  We can arrange private services for your snorkeling trip or sunset cruises so you can enjoy the view and warm water that is Mexico.  Just make sure your passport is not expired!


Turks & Caicos, Aruba, Jamaica, St. Lucia, Antigua are already open to visitors for a few months now. More islands are considering reopening their borders to international travelers soon.  Whether you’re looking for a 1-bedroom couple’s retreat or a sprawling seaside estate for the whole family, I will help deliver that to you.

Villa in Mexico facing the ocean
pc: Villas of Distinction
kitchen and dining room in a rental villa in Colorado
pc: Villas of Distinction










More affordable than you think.

Villas can accommodate larger groups so you can have more share the cost.  The cost per person is often less than a hotel room or a resort stay. You get far more space. Food & Beverage expenses are significantly lower.  You can have a more personalized experience with more privacy.

I have suppliers offering attractive promotion.  Some are offering up to $2000 destination credits for you to use during your stay.  Some villas even offer 1 or 2 free nights stay.

Peace of mind booking policies:
Most villas now have a more flexible payment terms policy. Most have late final payments due date and a more relaxed cancellation policy. Plus, I can always recommend travel insurance policy to protect your vacation investment.


Do you feel ready?  Or still have concerns or lingering questions? Please reach out to me to get started before all the inventory is gone.  If you want to explore some more before contacting me, here is a link for your to preview some homes.

Remember, it is always my wish to help you plan an effortless vacation and one that you can cherish the memories forever. Renting a villa is simple and I’m here to help guide you along the way. Start Planning!