Debby’s Top 5 Travel Apps While Travel Abroad

I assume you’ve checked the weather, packed your bags, and booked your trip with a travel expert like me.  There are apps to help with all those and here are the ones I use while I’m ON THE GO.

Google Translate  –You can type in or dictate short sentences and have them translated from one language to another.  I’ve shown the translated message to a local for help.  There is also the visual translation feature where you can hold your camera over a sign or menu and have those translated for you.

google translate word lens

Wiffinity—This is an app that allows you to easily access WIFI locations worldwide while traveling and helping you forget about roaming charges. It helps you be online and connect when traveling with the WIFI map in every place. Users share the passwords of hotspots. You can use this app offline so you don’t have to worry about expensive cell phone access charges.  Even better, it does not require login or any personal information.


XE currency—This app will convert every world currency. You can also use offline because it will save the last updated rates that you’ve looked up.  It will track up to 10 currencies simultaneously, best for multi-countries trip like an European vacation.


What’s App or Viber—These allow you to text or call your friends and family from around the world while using Wifi, for free, so you can save on expensive cell phone minutes and data charges.

whats app


Maps.Me– Get instant access to detailed maps of all countries from anywhere in the world. No internet connection is required. It provides walking directions and walking maps. Find the shortest and most accurate way to your destination. If you’re driving overseas, never get lost again with GPS navigation.

maps me 2

Download and play with these apps before your trip to get familiarize with it.  As mentioned above, some apps can be used offline. You should try to load the city maps and the currency rates before you arrive your destination.  I hope you find these suggested apps helpful.  Feel free to share your favorite apps with me too.

Wishing you safe and happy travels this summer, wherever your travel bug takes you.

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