Debunk 5 Myths of Modern Day Cruising

Harmony of the Seas

Cruising is one of the highest rated vacation experiences compared to all other types of vacations.  (Certainly much, much better than flying!  )   Most people who sail really do enjoy it a lot and do go for 2nd and more. Some of the frequent cruisers I met on each cruise have sailed with various lines for over 100 times.  You just have to find the right cruise line and itinerary and the right cabin.  Each cruise line do have their own amenities and personalities.  I truly believe there is a right cruise for everyone.  You just have to be matched to the right one to ensure a jolly good time.   That’s where seeking help from a travel professional can proof valuable.  There are lots of people who held stereotypes about cruising and will not try it. Let me debunk those myths and share the truth.

Myth #1   I can get seasick   This is the most common concern and I understand.  There are some sailings that can be rough indeed. But there are ways to get around it.  Pick an itinerary that is more land locked than an open ocean cruise.  Travel during the months that are less likely to have storms.  I can pick a cabin that is more mid-ship and lower deck for you where there is less motion. There are prescription drugs. Or over the counter remedies.  Try a cruise first.  Do a short 3 night cruise and see if you can handle it.  Some cruise lines even offer a 100% guarantee, so if there’s an issue, you can disembark and fly home.

Myth #2   Cruises are too big and too crowded   There are some cruise ships that can hold upwards of 4000 guests. But they are just built to respond to demand. Some people love big ships because they offer more lounges, dining options, and fun onboard activities and options.  However, because of their size, there are more space for everyone.  You really hardly see a lot of people except at the main dining room or at the theatre for a show.  But there are also many cruise lines that are small to medium sizes such as Paul Gauguin Cruises, Oceania Cruises, or Viking Ocean cruise line, and many more. They are anywhere from 200-500 guests onboard on average.  You can really get to know your cruise mates if you like.

Myth #3 Cruises are for old and bored   Definitely NOT true!  There are some cruises that hold formal nights and ballroom dances and spend 5 days at sea.  But there are people who enjoy them for those reasons too.  However, there are other options for the young and young at heart.  Norwegian Cruise Line is one of the most informal cruise lines.  They do not promote dressing up if you don’t feel like.  There are lots of disco and karaoke options.  I enjoyed Silent Disco onboard my Celebrity Cruise this summer.  On the sports deck, there are rock climbing walls, ropes course, surf simulator, extreme slides, bowling, and more fun things to do.  There are alternative restaurants on all the cruise lines so your options are almost limitless. 

Myth #4 The cabins are small   There are lots of cabin options to suit a wide budget.  A balcony cabin should be a minimum.  But there are mini-suites and full suites. Even 2 and 3 bedroom suites onboard that come with a full size piano and a butler if you choose.


Myth #5  There are not enough time at the ports    Many cruises still do only a stop at each port during the day time hours.  However, some lines such as Azamara or Oceania have overnight stops, sometimes even 3 nights at a port so you can fully experience what the destination offer, while having the luxury of visiting multiple places without packing and unpacking.  You just wine and dine your way.

There are 60 cruise lines and 500 cruise ships and 200 river cruise ships.  Will you consider joining one of the 27 million cruise passengers in 2017 and consider a cruise in the next year?  If you are interested, reach out for a consultation. I can send you a brochure.  I’ll guide you to the right cruise, right itinerary and most important, the right cabin and ensure you’ll have a great time



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