Is A Sailing Adventure for you in the horizon?

Do you like to see and visit off the beaten path places?

Would you enjoy packing and unpacking only once, but get to visit multiple places and destinations?

If you say yes, consider an authentic sailing adventure next time for your vacation! 

One of the cruise lines offering that is the Star Clippers line.  For over 25 years, Star Clippers have offered creative itineraries to the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, and Asia on 3 of their modern sailing vessels.  One of them, the Royal Clipper, with over 54,000 sq. ft of sail, is listed as the largest square-rigged ship in Guinness Book of World Records!  The ships are capable of sailing to small hidden harbors and secret coves.

The highlight is in experiencing the destination, but also the journey to the destination while enjoying sea breeze and breathtaking vistas on deck.   If you feel like, you can climb the mast.  The crew always welcome guests to help hoist the sail or take the helm.

The ships have a casual, relaxed onboard ambiance.  Entertainment is usually gathering of local performers so you can get an authentic taste of regional music and arts.  Live bands and piano music at the lounge.  Knot tying as well as navigation classes.

Itinerary in the Mediterranean is 7-11 days Rome to Venice sailings along the Mediterranean and Adriatic Sea. There is also 7 days or 10 days sailing around the Greek islands.

In Asia, it is 7 days Thailand or 7 days Indonesia sailings, and great prices too!  Truly great way to have some authentic experiences in those countries.

In Caribbean, it’s mostly 7 nights itinerary, visiting ports such as Barbados, Grenada, St. Lucia, Antigua, Guadeloupe, St. Barts to name a few.. In other words, ports that large ocean cruises like Princess or Royal Caribbean or Carnival lines don’t visit.

What’s also unique is that you get to enjoy water sports from the marina platform with ocean access. Have fun kayaking, paddle boarding, or snorkeling right off the ship.

As in most cruises, your accommodation, meals and those water activities are included. 

Drinks and shore excursions and crew gratuities are extra.

If you love a relaxed life onboard, much like sailing on a private yacht, you’d enjoy this experience. On such a sailing adventure, you won’t just get to visit amazing destinations, but you’ll get to enjoy the journey to get there. You’ll feel the enrichment in your heart and soul.

Here’s what a sailing adventure will look like:


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