Let’s go: Back to School Travel Tips

Most of my clients are families with children….and grandchildren, from infants to college kids.  It’s almost a fact that as the kids get older, their schedules just get more packed and the time to travel together gets more limited.  So, I want to share a few Back to School TRAVEL tips with you this week.  And bonus: travel ideas!

1.   Get your school calendar out.  Mark those dates that least conflict with your work schedule, and Let’s Go on a Family Vacation!  It gives your children something to look forward to as they all work hard at school.  And you won’t have to deal with limited space and choices. Most likely, it’ll save you money as well when you reserve early.

2.   Go somewhere close to the US when you only have a week or less of school break.I have this hidden rule that if you fly 5 hours to your destination, you should spend at least 5 days there.  Every additional hour, add a day!  Because why would you want to fly 14 hours and spend 4 days?  It’s not a business trip!  We want a real vacation!  Your body will thank you.

3.    When you have the two weeks year end break, or the months long summer breaks, try somewhere different and add some stamps to your passport.  But most important, add memories to last a lifetime. I find that for summer trips, especially when you have older children, it’s best to schedule vacation right after school gets out.  Otherwise, you might run into all kinds of schedule conflicts with their activities.  Prioritize the vacation just like an important summer camp.  Schedule it and make it happen. Because it’s so worth it.

3 ideas that you might want to consider, and really not that hard to get to from the West Coast: 
(Do check out the 30 second videos.)

Tahiti & the French Polynesian islands —  More exotic than Hawaii, and so much less crowds! It has become a lot more family friendly as a destination.  It’s not just for honeymooners and couples anymore. A lot of resorts now have overwater bungalows that accommodate families and offers great kids program.  It’s also in same time zone as Hawaii! Easy on the body in terms of jet lag.  There are occasional sales where  “kids fly free”. Coming soon: Nonstop from San Francisco to Tahiti!

Fiji — we have some nonstop service from San Francisco, and of course from Los Angeles.  It’s been THE beach vacation spot for the Australians and New Zealanders because it’s one of the most family friendly destinations.  Ask me about my favorite resort there!

Costa Rica — beach, rainforest, cloud forest, volcanoes and all kinds of activities to keep you as busy as you want, but nice resorts to pamper you if you just want lazy days.

My gift to you is to make vacation planning easy for you.  You’ve worked with me. You know how I take care of everything from itinerary planning to the document logistics…and all you have to do is get packing.  Remember, don’t wait. Please Get your calendar out and Get in touch!

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