Let’s Go : Is Club Med Experience Right for You?

Founded in 1950, Club Med resort is the pioneer of the all-inclusive resort concept.  All-inclusive resorts rates include your hotel, your meals, drinks, and often times, activities and entertainment.  Just like a cruise, but a land-based vacation.  Club Med is the only chain with resorts worldwide. They even have a cruise ship!  There are 66 resorts spread out in the most breathtaking locations.  There are 8 in N. America and their Florida resort is the ONLY all-inclusive resort in the USAWhat makes Club Med so unique and well-loved around the world?


–The Staff

I have to say, one of their biggest assets is their G.O, or their Gracious Organizers…a.k.a. your experience guides.  They represent almost 100 nationalities and speak over 30 languages.  They are the international team that keep your child safe and entertained, the ones who patiently gives you the sports lessons, who mans the front desk and entertains in the evening shows and socializes with guests.  When I stayed in their Cancun resort, I enjoyed mingling with G.O.s from France, S. Africa, and Brazil.  One of the G.O.s I met was a former guest from Canada.  He loved the experience so much that once he finished high school, he applied to work with Club Med!  This staff diversity is really not found in other resorts in Mexico or Caribbean.


–The sports AND the lessons

Many all-inclusive resorts will include non-motorized water sports equipment for guests to use.  But when given a golf club, or a sailboat, what good is it unless you know how to use it?  Club Med is famed for providing sports AND lessons for all levels.  You can have lessons on windsurfing, water skiing or scuba diving, archery or flying trapeze.

The Florida resort also has a professional golf, tennis and volleyball academy.  They are so good that it actually has a year-round residential program for rising stars!  If you visit their ski resorts, you can also get ski and snowboard lessons! It is why Club Med is unique and well liked.


–The Children’s program

Club Med has resorts for adults only. But they also have resorts for families and groups.  Some resorts have a Baby Club Med program where children as young as 4 months old can play. It’s a full day program so parents can relax poolside, take a few lessons of a new sport, or take a nearby tour at your destination.   There is a club for each age group from tots to teens.   What I like about Club Med’s children activities is that they staff is very hands on and engaging.  Some resorts may focus on movies or video games to keep the kids happy… but not here on Club Med.  Their Petit Chef program teach kids how to cook.  Their circus program teaches kids various acts where the kids perform a show at the end of the week for their proud parents.  And of course, they get sports lessons too.

Most of the Club Med resorts are not mega-size resorts. They don’t have ten pools or waterslides. They don’t have famous TV characters parading around. They’re intimate and filled with friendly staff. They offer regional cuisine, a steakhouse, and the best buffets.  They have a great fitness program and spa.  Club Med provides a genuine relaxing vibe that allows guests to truly disconnect, read a book, get tanned, and just slow the pace a bit.  They have great properties for multi-generation travel.  Visit the USA resort in Florida, no passports required!  I have so much more to share if you’re interested.

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Here’s a little sneak peak of their Florida resort. Enjoy!

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