Would you like to give back while you travel on vacation?

I know some of us like to go on a vacation and just lie on the beach chair and do nothing.  Then, there are some of us who just can’t stop visiting all the sites and attractions a destination offers.  We travel to discover and explore new things.  We travel to make connections.  We travel to make it meaningful.

In April of this year, Carnival Corporation has introduced a brand new cruiseline –Fathom Cruises.  It gives a new take on how to make travel meaningful.  Fathom Cruises isn’t your typical ocean cruises where you get onboard, have fun, go to different ports to see and do fun excursions and wine and dine for a week or longer.   It is part that, and more.

What is Fathom Cruises? fathom-cruises

Fathom Cruises currently offers 7days alternating itineraries to Cuba and the Dominican Republic from Miami.  When you sail on their cruises, you get to participate in cultural and impact service activities with the locals once you arrive at your destination.   The vessel is M/S Adonia.  It’s a 700 passenger cruiseship that is the comfortable home base throughout your trip.   There are restaurants, lounges and bars. Pools and spas and a gym and well-appointed cabins to help you unwind as you sail 2 days to and from either Cuba or Dominican Republic.   When you arrive, you will have 3 days to participate in numerous impact activities to help the local community.  Or, you can head to the beach, or go snorkeling or go fishing.

What are the Impact Activities? 

If you’re ready to make a difference, you can participate in 3 optional impact activities that are included in each trip. impact-activitiesYou can help pot seedlings or plant trees to restore their forest and nursery.  If you have little children with you, you can all engage in English conversation and learning activities in local homes and schools.  Or, with local volunteers, you can assist in the production of water filters for the over 3 million Dominicans who don’t have access to safe, clean water.  There are also opportunities to help women with different skills so they can provide a steady income to help their family.  All these are led by Impact Guides and partner staffs.  Whichever option you choose, you are making a difference in the lives of many.

What about life onboard?

lifeonboardThere won’t be Broadway shows, or first run movies, or a casino. However, there will be plenty of fun activities as you sail to and from the destination. Poolside movies, game nights, salsa dance lesson, mojito mixing class, workshops about the island’s fascinating history.  There will also be immersive classes to get you informed about the service projects you’ll be helping with.   There are no dress code or formal nights, but still, there will be plenty of thoughtfully prepared Cuban and Dominican inspired meals to nourish your body every day.


I believe that traveling with Fathom Cruises does not just make an impact on the local communities that you will help.   I believe it will make an impact on you as well.  Fathom Cruises believes that “ Traveling is more than seeing and doing. It’s about connecting, immersing yourself in new things, sharing stories, and engaging with locals and fellow travelers on a personal level that transcends culture or language and turns complete strangers into friends. “

You can make something special out of your next vacation! Fathom welcomes families with children age 8 and above.   If this type of travel interests you, contact me or schedule a time here.  Or visit their website: https://www.fathom.org.  Or, watch this video on my Facebook page here.

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