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Harmony of the Seas

I was honored to be invited to the inaugural sailing for the Norwegian Bliss in May.  Spent a few days onboard from Seattle.
The Bliss is the brand new ship of Norwegian Cruise Line, also referred to as NCL.  The ship was delivered in April 2018, and just made its way to Seattle for the Alaska season. It is unique because it has a feature that is custom built for spectacular scenery—the 180-degree Observation Lounge.

The Observation Lounge is definitely the highlight for this ship.  I absolutely adored it.  It is at the front of the ship and has wrapped around panoramic, floor to ceiling windows for an unobstructed view of the magnificent Alaskan vistas.  There are plenty of luxurious lounge chairs and you are shielded from any weather elements. Grab a hot coffee/cocoa in hand and soak in every stunning moment as you watch the glaciers, the bald eagles, and lush landscapes of Alaska from your comfy chair.    Here’s a video I took of the lounge.

There are too many great features on this new ship, but I’ll highlight a few that are not found on other sister ships of the line, but only on the Bliss.

Go Kart race track

This is definitely a first at sea. Many ships come up with new features like bowling alley, putting greens, waterslides and waterparks.  This ship has all those, plus more!  The Go Kart offers quite an exhilarating experience.  The track is a good length and size and a group of 10 racers compete for first place finish. I tried it and it was super fun and I even finished first… if you count backwards, that is.  At least I didn’t end up in the ocean!

Laser Tag

Another fun entertainment by NCL is laser tag.  This is great for all ages.  Can be quite a work out as you chase down your opponents and attack them with the heavy duty laser gun.  Don’t worry. They also have a kid sized version for little ones.  It’s fun and nobody gets hurt.

Margaritaville and Starbucks at sea

Ship’s complimentary coffee is alright but it’s always nice to have a Starbucks nearby for those who need a shot of the real thing, right?  NCL also partnered with Jimmy Buffet’s famous restaurant, the Margaritaville.  Oh my, their volcano sized nachos … don’t bother ordering if you’re on a diet, please. But why would you go on a cruise if you’re on a diet? Which leads us to…

20 dining choices and 18 bars on this new ship!

Yes. NCL is famous for FREEDOM of choice.  On the Bliss, there are 20 different outlets for you.  Steak house, Teppanyaki, French bistro, even a new Texas BBQ smokehouse… you can choose where you dine, with whom you dine and when you dine.  NCL has no restrictions.  No formal nights if you don’t want to dress up.   Then, there are all kinds of bars…wine, whiskey, martini, mojito, even craft beer brewery.


The standard balcony cabins are lovely but the Haven suites are the way to go.  Not only does it come with the usual butler and high touched concierge service, the exclusive use of the Haven’s Horizon Observation lounge is the best feature you don’t want to miss.

Are you interested? Excited? Ready to go?

Get in touch! After this summer’s Alaska sailings, the Bliss will have some fall coastal sailings from Vancouver to Los Angeles, as well as the Mexico Riviera sailings. A cruise that will take you a world away. Or, if you’re a beach lover, the Easter Caribbean sailings from Nov to next April will also be fun for any winter breaks and spring break vacations. 
I’ll help you pick the perfect cabin.

Call me to get you onboard at 650-631-6638 or click the Plan Your Vacation Button up on the top of this page to get started!

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