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about-usHi, I’m Debby Leong, your Beach Vacation Consultant! Bravo Beach Vacations started when I married my passion for tropical beach vacations with sending families on vacations. I found that many families with young children are often too busy, stressed out and not enjoying each other as much as they should. Parents long to get away from it all and refocus on the family, even for a short period of time during vacation. I want to be your one call contact person to plan that much needed and well deserved beach getaway. My hope is that your family will return feeling reconnected and nurtured by the stronger relationships you create while on vacation. It will extend joy, balance and happiness to all areas of your life!

My background:
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I love to travel. I grew up in Macao, now part of China. It was a quiet little city that most people might know as one of Portugal’s colony. Even a 6hr boat trip to more vibrant neighbor, Hong Kong, is like a trip to paradise! I was fortunate enough at a young age to travel to a lot of places. I will never forget my first trip to the US…visiting Disneyland at the age of 9! Sitting on Snow White’s lap was like every little girl’s dream come true! My parents continue to take me to many different cities and countries so I can see the world under their perspective. My father was a very busy breadwinner, so I always treasure the vacation time we have, traveling as a family. Spending quality time with my parents and siblings in different parts of the world, and sharing those memories will always be a big part of my life.

Now that I am married with 2 young children, I feel that life always gets so busy! It is so hard to slow down and really engage with your family. Just have fun and not have an activity to go to, or another birthday party to attend. We’ve traveled to world famous sites and across continents, but what we most enjoyed, and come home more refreshed and stronger from, are our beach escapes!

That is when we can relax, not worry about seeing different famous monuments or museums, and just do fun activities, enjoy local foods and music, and just hang out together, laugh and play, and create fond memories that we’ll cherish. I hope you’ll take the time out of your busy lives and take your children on vacation as well. Afterall, they’re only little once!

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